The modern state of Israel exists because the U.S. Government funds it and protects it. Americans in general are pro-Israel because they believe in the doctrine of Zionism taught them by churches and politicians. The doctrine of Zionism is based on the theory that Jews are Israelites, and that Israelites have a Biblical right to the land of Palestine (old Israel) because God gave it to Abraham. Jews claim to be descendants of Abraham, and therefore rightful owners of the land.

This belief was developed in political circles and adopted by the churches. It has no basis in truth or logic, but it is fair to say that most Americans believe it to be true. The Zionist propagandists have done a thorough job brainwashing the world … largely via the churches.

The truth is … Jews, for the most part, are neither Semitic nor Israelite. Instead they are a racially-mixed multitude and have no connection to Abraham except in the minds of deceived churchgoers and brainwashed Jews who have accepted the false propaganda. Sephardic (Mediterranean) Jews are racially mixed and have little if any Semitic blood. Ashkenazi Jews (the majority of Jews today) are from East Europe (Kazaria) and have no racial ties to Israel whatsoever. Nonetheless, they all claim their so-called Zionist right to the land of Israel. (See Facts Are Facts for verification)

This false doctrine, along with the conspiracy of governments and bankers who want to control the Middle East for its oil, has been used to plant the Zionist state in the middle of Arab land in order to disrupt and create chaos … and thus make the governments there weaker and easier to control by western oil interests. The result, in part, has been the brutal and unrelenting war upon Arabs and all Muslims in the MIddle East.

This video (made outside America) reveals that some sincere researchers and scholars have tried to expose the lies and the cruelty of Zionism. But those who speak against Israel are met with pressure from powerful Zionist groups, as well as prejudice and hatred from the brainwashed and ill-educated masses.