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Ben Williams' current newsletter containing both analysis and comment on today's important issues. STRAIGHT TALK is published on a regular basis and will be posted as the issues are completed.

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This series of 28 lessons on THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES is one-of-a-kind. It may be the only study extant that shows this New Testament book to be a record of the "acts" that marked the beginning of the Reign of Jesus.

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Sixteen informative lessons examining Paul's LETTER TO THE ROMANS. This book is Paul's most comprehensive treatment of doctrine as well as answers to persistent questions of his day and ours.

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One of Ben's most popular works, the ANTI-THOUGHT-CONTROL DICTIONARY provides fresh insight to terms commonly misunderstood and misused in church circles.

People can be controlled if their thoughts can be controlled. Since words are thoughts in visible form, words can be manipulative tools to change the way people think – thereby changing and controlling the masses. To accomplish this, the controllers only need to adjust or change the MEANINGS of important words to fit their particular political/religious paradigm, and invent NEW EMOTIONALLY-CHARGED TERMS to keep us confused and off balance.

Eventually, all important words used by the public will automatically convey only the meanings that are approved by the Beast System's word masters. When they accomplish this it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to explain concepts of truth because the very words we use will have become meaningless.

If we carelessly acquiesce to meaning changes in this war of words, then we will become thought-controlled people. However, if we constantly define our words, terms and phrases – keeping them in tune with Gods Word – and insist others define their terms so we can know what they are actually saying, we will be guarding against mind-control, and we will be blessed with a "sound mind"
(2 Tim. 1:7) in the midst of an unsound world

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Select issues of The American Christian newsletter.

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Brochures, pamphlets and booklets written and published by Ben Williams. This growing collection contains some of his best work.

What is the Ecclesia

Is Jesus God
The Merchants of the Earth

The Doctrine of Salvation


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Recommended reading by other authors.

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