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Introducing Ben Williams


Ben Williams believes in the Holy Bible … he always has. But over a period of 30 years of researching, writing, lecturing and teaching, he has learned that what the churches teach is not from the Bible. Typical church teaching comes from … well, from somewhere else. The hard part is showing people how to get out of the pit of confusion they’ve inherited from the churches.

If you are like most people you have accepted at least some of what the churches teach, and consequently, you’ve been diverted from what the Bible really teaches. I dare you to read Ben’s writings. If you do, you will never look at the Bible, churches or government the same way again.

The Holy Bible, from beginning to end, is about a struggle … but not the mythical struggle taught in the churches where God matches wits with a supernatural demon antagonist called “Satan.” Rather, the true struggle is that of men trying to usurp the place of God.

Jesus has called us into his Kingship (New Jerusalem). But people, blinded by the churches, can’t see it. Ben reaches out to any and all who have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear,” to help us see it.

After attending seminary, Ben started out as a church pastor in the 70′s. He soon outgrew his first pastorate in a traditional church. He then went to work with Sheldon Emry as Assistant Pastor in a national ministry based in Phoenix, Arizona. Like Sheldon, Ben had a view of the world that wasn’t dominated by church tradition and priestcraft. After Sheldon’s death, Ben moved back to his native Northwest and continued the work there. God led him away from the churches … away from the failed traditions of establishment religion, and began opening the Bible to him. No one explains the Bible like Ben does. Anyone reading Ben’s writings won’t be easily spun by the spinmasters of the churches, the TV, or Capitol Hill.

Because I have worked with Ben for many years, writing articles and creating artwork, I have seen his gift for dissecting difficult issues. Ben is not your typical Bible teacher. He is different. One might say he is unique … at least in this day and time. While most Bible teachers get stuck in mediocrity and the rehashing of nonsensical church tradition, Ben breaks out of the rut and goes after truth. He has never settled for conventional wisdom, church “mystery,” or confusing political rhetoric.

In the wake of his friend Sheldon Emry’s death, Ben continued the battle for truth, exposing the false teachings of the churches, and state worship. Continuing in Sheldon’s tradition he exposes usury banking and the mythological “Satan” of the churches. He also exposes the institution of “Church” itself, “The US Constitution,” “Is Jesus God?,” and the doctrine of “Dispensational Futurism.”

God has turned a light on in Ben’s head, and his readers benefit from it. He makes the Bible and our world understandable. From my point of view, those who don’t like him usually are not sincere. He is dedicated to “the hope of Israel” (Acts 28:20) and the “good news” that Christ is Reigning and breathing life into his remnant!

Paul Bunch

(Note: In the 30 years since Sheldon's death we've continued to learn. You'll notice in my writings that there are some things that have come to light since Sheldon's day that have changed our understanding of some scriptures. Sheldon was always on the cutting edge, willing to learn new information and truth ... for instance, he learned about the false doctrine of the "Satan" of the churches, and he taught it to thousands of truth seekers. It was a ground breaking truth that changed lives. Also, it was the doctrine that brought Sheldon and me together. It just so happened that both Sheldon and I, although we didn't know each other, embarked on the study of the "Satan" doctrine at the same time - in the late 70s ... and we both came to the same conclusion. This led to me contacting Sheldon, and then he asked me to join him as his assistant pastor. So, if Sheldon had lived longer I am sure he would have continued learning the correct interpretations of key scriptures, just as we've done here at ACM. I like to think I'm upholding the spirit of truth which Sheldon always cherished. -- Ben)